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X TIMES X BLOG - 4 eco-friendly products gift ideas - NOV 21

Start a Greener Living this Holiday

It is a well-known fact that going green reduces air pollution and environmental toxins, which are harmful to you, your loved one, and the planet. Another advantage of going green is that it helps decrease the number of pollutants released to the environment. We know it can be challenging to stay motivated and maintain a sustainable lifestyle, especially if others are not doing it or seem uninterested in living this way. A way to stay motivated and inspired is to set goals.

What do you accomplish by getting others to go green? You feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that your actions and words inspire others. Not only can you extend your efforts to your inner circle, but you can also start helping strangers clean up their act by ditching disposables and unhealthy lifestyle choices for healthier, greener options.

Here are some tips and tricks to get you started, and to make it fun, we will use the four elements to keep you motivated and encouraged on this trying journey. Although things may seem dark and grey, there is love surrounding us.

Reduce your water-wasting.

Always be mindful of your water consumption. When doing the laundry, washing a full load of laundry is the most water-efficient option. Another water-saving trick is to pre-treat stains correctly to avoid having to rewash clothing. When it comes to your clothes, you may use Clothes Doctor Eco Wash Detergent because it is a non-biological formula that is gentle, effective at stain removal, and free from toxins and harsh chemicals, hence does not contaminate water.

Create clean air.

We can improve the air quality of our home when we include plants, so why not add a little greenery to your household. You can choose indoor plants for every room in your house.

Many commercial air fresheners mask smells rather than eliminate them. An eco-friendly air freshener absorbs odors, removing miasmas and creating healthier, fresher air. Use Lilly’s all-purpose spray for dusting and cleaning all surfaces, except waxed surfaces. It is scientifically proven to eliminate 99.9% of known germs. It is available in Citrus and Eucalyptus Essential Oils, leaving your home smelling fresh.

Reduce your energy bill.

Have an earth hour with the family once a week. How? Instead of cooking on the stove in the summer, make a fire from sustainably sourced materials. Instead of switching on the lights at the table, use candles. Instead of having devices on, engage in conversation.

Alternatively, gradually make a shift to solar energy. When you switch to solar energy instead of electricity, your energy bills will be lower. Alternatively, source an energy provider that focuses power generation from only sustainably sourced materials.

Minimize household waste

Minimize household waste by replacing plastic, single use containers with natural and bio-degradable materials. Think long-term investment in yourself and the health of your loved ones. You can start by replacing your disposable paper towels with Bambaw re-useable paper towels. They are perfect for cleaning up spills and splashes or wiping down surfaces. Soft, strong, and absorbent, as well as being naturally antibacterial, and are washable.

All it takes is one person to impact change in a community. When people see how healthy you are because of your lifestyle, they will be encouraged to follow suit. People will slowly learn how to conserve the environment if you show them how. The planet needs us to stop thinking about ourselves alone. Imagine how much you will save, electricity, money, unnecessary waste, and your health!

On a different note, it is almost Christmas, which means singing and laughter and green trees and, let us not forget: presents. Show your love with Green Elements this Christmas. Spoil him with the Bambaw Bamboo Safety Razor, it is plastic-free and durable with razor blades made from stainless steel – easy to recycle and last weeks. Treat her to a gift basket filled with the Friendly Soap health and beauty range. They consist of a shampoo bar, a conditioner bar, and the Friendly Soap itself. These gifts are a pamper treat and will make her feel like she is at the spa when she is at home. Make your gift a treasured memory.

The more we use our voice to educate, inform, and encourage others, the better chances we have of inspiring friends and loved ones to switch to more sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle. Going green is an excellent way of contributing to environmental conservation as well as a healthier lifestyle. Teaching your kids about living green ensures that the next generation is environmentally conscious and can build on the foundation that we have laid.