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Creating an eco-friendly bathroom

As we become more aware of our impact on the planet, we must look at ways to incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable elements into our homes. It is a great way to play our part in saving the environment. From grooming to relaxing at the end of the day- bathrooms can use a lot of resources. A greener, more eco-conscious bathroom space exudes comfort, calm and simplistic luxury. This makes it a great place to upgrade products to more eco-conscious alternatives. We highlight some great ideas and benefits for going green for bathrooms.

What makes an eco-friendly bathroom? 

An eco-friendly bathroom focuses on the economical use of precious resources and that of the well-being of people. With eco-friendly bathroom products and devices, a bathroom will be relaxing and rejuvenating, easy to clean and will provide comfort. 

Ideas for going green

From the type of toilet paper purchased, to the amount of water consumed, there are a number of ways to make a bathroom more sustainable. When it comes to personal hygiene we go through a lot of products. Finding a good, eco-friendly alternative can make daily cleaning a blissful experience, without the worry of damaging the environment. At Green Elements, we offer the following range of eco-friendly products to help get started!

–  Bambaw safety razors

Non- plastic products are a great way to help save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An example of this are the Bambaw quality razors that come in both silver and rose gold, and are perfect for both men and women. Easy to use, the razor blades are durable and made from stainless steel which is easy to recycle. 

– Friendly Soap Bars

All Friendly Soap Bars are made from only natural ingredients and are ideal for delicate and sensitive skin. These come in a range of different scents including lemongrass and hemp and lavender, as well as aloe vera (unscented). These eco-friendly soaps are calming with their scents and texture, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. 

– Beauty Kubes Shampoo and Conditioner

A majority of products used in the bathroom are to care for our hair. Having healthy, clean hair is a great feeling. These eco-friendly Beauty Kubes shampoo and conditioners are made with 100% plastic free ingredients and packaging. These nourishing products are vegan-free and silicone-free with biodegradable cleansing agents.

Sustainable cleaning

Ever considered swapping out household products to eliminate harsh chemicals and harmful toxins in your home? Consequently, when you use products that are non-toxic and more sustainable, you are keeping your home safer and cleaner, leaving you with a clean and fresh space. There are a number of diy natural, eco-friendly bathroom cleaning solutions  that can save money and reduce your use of harmful products. Luckily, however, there are also great products available for the tougher cleaning jobs. Here are some eco-friendly cleaning product alternatives from Green Elements that make keeping the bathroom clean a breeze..

– Reusable paper towels

Traditional paper rolls are often unsustainably produced and are disposed of after use, piling up in landfills. Unlike traditional paper rolls, reusable paper towels can be used multiple times. They are also thicker and more absorbent for more effective cleaning. Green Elements’ Bambaw paper towels are made from bamboo fibres, and are perfect for cleaning and wiping down bathroom surfaces. The towels are soft yet durable and are naturally anti-bacterial.

– Eco-friendly cleaning tools

Cheap plastic brushes and cleaning utensils are flimsy and can quickly find their way to the bin. Findinding a good alternative that doesn’t end up adding more plastic waste to the planet is great for cleaning and easy on your conscience. Green Elements offers a number of eco-friendly cleaning utensils like these non-toxic Bambaw brushes. They are made of stainless steel, cotton and sisal bristles. 

– Eco friendly cleaners

Using traditional chemicals to clean the tub and scrub the toilet is tough on your health and not great for the environment. A lot is spent on products that just go right down the drain. Natural cleaning products leave your bathroom feeling fresh and clean. The Lily’s range of cleaning products are a great option. The easy-to-use angle-jet spray caps on these natural cleaners helps to reach areas under the toilet rim. Safe around children and pets, and cost effective, the spray is effective against bacteria.

Going green by using sustainable bathroom products, helps save the environment whilst creating a comfortable and relaxing space.  Harmful products that fill up a bathroom space plays a large part in the damage we do to our planet. That’s why we need to find better alternatives. Make every moment spent in the bathroom a blissful experience. For great eco-friendly products, for the bathroom and home, view these products at Green Elements’ online store.