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Choose Palm Oil Free Products

Palm oil is a blessing and a curse because it provides us with great food and products, but at the same time, its use has harmful side effects to humans, plants, and animals. The current methods of producing palm oil are highly unsustainable and detrimental to the environment. Green Elements products are eco-friendly and free from palm oil, showing that there are in fact, alternatives. 

What is palm oil?

Palm oil is considered the most common vegetable oil in the world. It is edible and derived from the fruit of oil palm trees. There are two types of palm oil. The first type of oil comes from squeezing the fruit, and the other comes from crushing a palm kernel.

Palm oil is found in most of the products we use every day and is present in animal feed. Almost 50% of packaged products contain palm oil, such as beauty products, cleaning products, and fast foods like pizza and doughnuts. Refrigerated food products containing palm oil last longer because it is oxidation resistant.


Palm oil production is one of the many drivers of deforestation. Continous use of palm oil increases the risk of loss of biodiverse forests. This deforestation releases greenhouse gases into the air, contributing to global warming. Large scale production also contributes to the pollution of nearby waterways and soil. Deforestation affects major forests, such as the Amazon Rainforest, which is a significant source of oxygen for our planet. 

Animal extinction

Deforestation has consequences for other living things too. It leads to the loss of animal habitats. This exposes endangered species such as the orangutan, elephants, and tigers to more threats and they can face extinction as a result. 


When a resource is as popular as palm oil, we often acquire them through unethical methods. The unethical harvesting of palm oil can often result in the exploitation of human rights and even the living conditions of indigenous people who depend on forests for their way of life. Deforestation results in consequences such as less land to farm or no forest to gather resources for survival. 

Palm oil free products

At Green Elements, our products are ethically produced, without the use of palm oil. Choosing products that do not contain palm oil can significantly help with protecting the environment; it discourages the unethical harvesting of palm oil which can help reduce exploitation and deforestation.

The popularity of palm oil continues to be a problem worldwide, causing human exploitation and harm to the environment. There are ethical ways to harvest palm oil. Alternatively, you can choose to use products not contaminated by Palm Oil. Do your part and support eco-friendly products. Click here to learn more about our products.