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4 Ways To Start a Self Care Routine

Practicing regular self-care is vital in maintaining a healthy, balanced body and mind, but it can be difficult to know where to start. It is also important that we remember the environment even while looking after ourselves. Using sustainable products for self-care is a good option when thinking of the environment. Below are some things we can add to our routines to ensure that we are looking after ourselves and we elaborate on how self-care can be eco-conscious.

Nourish the body

Adding more plant-based foods to our diet is a good way to increase physical health. Maybe even go meatless for one day in the week. The vitamins and nutrients found in plant-based foods are so beneficial to maintaining the health of our bodies. A diet like this can help the body properly regulate blood sugar levels, and decrease health risks.

Eating more plant-based foods also minimizes our ecological footprint. Furthermore, if we are conscious of the way we store our food, it stays fresher for longer and lessens our waste.

Eco-friendly spa treatment at home

Organic health and beauty treatments help to save costs and are sustainable. Detox baths are known to help relieve stress and anxiety. For increased relaxation, we can add any preferred essential oil, baking soda, Epsom salt, or soaps to our bath.

Another idea is to make a healthy, eco-friendly face and hair mask. Natural ingredients such as honey and coconut oils are great for smooth hair and skin.

Get out and get moving

Walking along Ireland’s Waterways costs nothing and is a great way to improve physical and mental health while taking in nature’s beauty. Here at Green Elements, we highly recommend the Waterford Greenway for such activities and we can often be found walking it on a Sunday afternoon. Regular walking offers many health benefits, regardless of age or fitness level. It helps with weight loss and weight maintenance and can help decrease blood sugar levels.

Being physically active allows blood to flow freely throughout the body and is known to ease feelings of tension and stress. It is a popular suggestion for those looking to improve their mental and physical health. Fitness guru’s and doctors alike recommend a minimum of 10k steps a day for able bodied persons and 5k for those with disabilities.

Clean house, clean mind

Decluttering our homes and setting up a regular cleaning schedule has huge benefits for our mental wellbeing. There are a number of eco-friendly cleaning products that we can opt for. If there is anything in your home that cannot be reused or donated, consider recycling. Local recycling depots can take in electronic valuables such as computers, CDs, cables, kitchen appliances, and more.

It helps to get fresh air flowing through our home. When it comes to airing out the house, simply open up all windows instead of grabbing the air freshener. Placing certain plants in our homes can assist with purifying the air.

Plenty of products and practices are environmentally and budget-friendly. Engaging in these eco-friendly self-care routines can reduce stress and increase feelings of relaxation and calm. You can actively participate in creating peace of mind and increase your energy to carry out your daily tasks. Explore our website to learn more.