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Zero waste home

4 Tips to Manage Your Zero Waste Home

Zero waste has a few definitions, but the philosophy is the same. Living a zero-waste lifestyle comes down to changing old habits. Be more aware of your footprint and its impact on the environment. Keep reading for simple tips to help you reduce the waste your household generates daily.

Reduce WATER waste.

Harvesting rainwater minimizes waste. With proper planning, you can do more than just water your garden. The rainwater can also be used in the house if you invest in a good water filtration system. This way you are also able to monitor your water usage to waste none.

The Vimse washable cloth wipes consist of 100% organic cotton flannel. They have an all-purpose design and are gentle to use on your baby as well as for feminine hygiene, work surfaces and are a great substitute for disposable wet napkins. This means fewer trees need to be cut down; sure, some companies source materials from renewable forests but even then there is major loss in biodiversity when tree’s a felled.

Reduce the toxicity in the AIR we breathe.

We are living in a time where the air we breathe is no longer considered pure. To purify the air, you can reduce the level of waste and emissions your household produces. Factories can provide clean air, by producing 100% organic or recyclable products.

Drop the plastics and switch materials like stainless steel because it lasts much longer. Steels can be fully recycled with no detrimental impact on the immediate environment, or local ecology.  If you are using plastic razors, consider upgrading and investing in stainless steel razors, this minimizes the waste your family throws away.

Warm those cold nights by the FIRE.

The Winter season comes as a reminder that we need a little bit more than usual to get through the cold months. You do not need to stretch the electricity bill to stay warm and continue living life.

Laundry day should not be a hassle when you have a tumble dryer, drying the clothes. By adding the EcoEgg Dryer Egg to your cycles, you save on approx. 28% electricity per cycle.  As a bonus, your clothes will not feel damaged.

Add more EARTH to your home.

Looking at your home and the contents, there are a few changes you can implement to add that greener feel. Start by replacing small non-reusable or non-sustainable items with ones that are organic or 100% recyclable, or biodegradable and disposable. Think about the long-term gain by investing in small changes little by little.

We spend quite a bit on beauty and health, so we can replace single use cotton pads with reusable Bambaw cleansing pads which last longer and save you money in the long term. They consist of 60% bamboo, 20% cotton, 20% polyester. This reduces the amount of waste significantly because you are re-using the pads; simply wash the pads, let them dry and use them again.

The zero-waste movement aims to challenge us to limit our use of single use products, lower packaging and opt for materials that can be re-used, recycled or are easily biodegradable. By aiming to follow the principles, discarded wastes can be recycled back into nature or to the marketplace to be reused again. Start by inspiring your neighbors to do their part, by doing your part for the sustainability of the community.