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4 Tips for an Eco-friendly Household

We’re all spending more time at home these days, that is why we should be extra thoughtful about what we use to clean our spaces by avoiding using harsh cleaning products like bleach and keeping a critical eye on the ingredients in your household products. There are many eco-friendly alternatives for all household tasks.

Here are 4 nifty tips and tricks to get started on an eco-friendly household.

Conserve to serve the earth

We recommend to upcycle furniture and make those old, unwanted materials look refresh and trendy. There are a lot of good benefits of upcycling – it saves you money, it reduce environmental wastes and it brings out your creativity. Use scrap steel, reclaimed wood, aluminum, and glass for high-quality home furnishings, to help you build a greener home. Use cleaning tools that are recyclable like the Memo dish brush. This product is 100% beech wood, metal, and natural bristle fibers, and you need only replace the head, making it friendly to your wallet as well. The possibilities are endless.

Saving water in the little ways

One of the ideal ways to conserve water is to collect greywater for the garden. Greywater includes old bath and shower water, as well as old water from the washing machine.

Some commercial detergents can be bad for plants and soil, so if you use greywater for gardening, you may wish to stick to all-natural detergents. Our Clothes Doctor Eco Wash Detergent is a wonderful mineral-based alternative that is gentle, effective, and free from damaging pollutants.

We don’t fire for a warmer home

Every winter the electricity bill is high because of the ways we warm the home. We can avoid these high costs if we stop using the traditional heating methods, like fossil fuels – coal, oil, and natural gas and as you know, these are damaging the environment. Using certain flooring materials can provide a naturally warmer home for you and your family, which might lessen the need for artificial heaters. A good option is laminates because they are natural heat transmitters, and adding a layer of dense foam padding under the laminate can help warm up the floor. To protect the longevity of your laminate, vinyl, or wood floor, opt for Lilly’s Eco Clean Floor Cleaner because a cap goes a long way.

Purify your indoor air

Many of our everyday commercial cleaning products contribute to indoor air pollution. They are poisonous if ingested and harmful if inhaled or touched. So why not start making plant-based homemade cleaning solutions. They are eco-friendly and have many benefits. They are easy to make with customizable fragrances without the presence of harsh chemicals and are inexpensive.

Keep the air around you balanced with this Friendly Aloe Vera soap bar!  It is popular for its impeccable moisturizing abilities and its gentleness. It contains essential oils and favors all skin types and is especially kind on super sensitive skin.

The first step begins with the choice. Make the smart choice and optimize your home with eco-friendly improvements that do not harm you or the environment. Green Elements is a natural and eco-friendly household cleaning brand. We are conscious of your family’s health as well as the planet’s. You can start sprucing up your home with simple yet effective tools, have a browse through our shop for more eco-friendly products and ideas.